How we began...

McWalker Yarns is a boutique yarn store conveniently located in Millvale (Pittsburgh), PA (right over the 40th Street Bridge from Lawrenceville and immediately off Route 28).  We opened in 2018 with the goal of making knitting/crochet education and supplies accessible to everyone!

We offer yarns at a variety of price points with hours designed for working crafters. Our community is here for the experienced crafter and the individual who doesn't yet know s/he is a crafter.  In addition to our broad selection of yarns and yarn related supplies, we offer classes and a cozy spot to practice your yarn craft.



Amy has been knitting for over 50 years, crocheting for almost 40, and spinning for about 15 years. While she is always knitting, the type of knitting varies widely: from lace to cables to colorwork, from sweaters to wedding shawls to socks. You can usually find her knitting shop or class samples. Although a passionate lifetime knitter, it was only in 2017, when contemplating a career change, that the idea for McWalker Yarns was born. It was the dream of an open and colorful yarn home where people who love yarn can shop and congregate.

Team Member


Jes has been knitting for many years and is a passionate sweater knitter—constantly working on the latest design from the newest hot designer.

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Lauren is a long-term knitter, usually seen knitting new colorwork patterns, often with a Halloween theme. More recently, Lauren has taken up crochet with a passion, and loves to make little amigurumi figures!

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Melissa is the most recent member of the McWalker Team. She is an avid and speedy crocheter and also a talented knitter, including being a regular practitioner of two-at-a-time socks, one inside the other